Volvo is launching Water Repellent Glass (WRG) to improve visibility and help prevent accidents when driving in wet weather.

The WRG treatment, indicated by a water droplets icon on the glass, prevents rainwater from impairing visibility on front side windows and door mirrors.

With the WRG side windows, which are also offered with laminated glass for further protection, water forms as tiny pearls of moisture which are blown away as the car increases speed, leaving the glass panel clearer and cleaner. The WRG treatment should last for five to six years and can then be recoated, as well as retro-fitted to any model.

The WRG on the door mirrors uses a different method to disperse the water. Instead of forming droplets, the water spreads evenly across the entire glass surface to maintain a clearer view. In poor weather this process will be speeded up when using heated door mirrors with WRG. As door mirrors are not exposed to the same wear and tear as the side windows, the WRG treatment will last the lifetime of the mirror and no re-treatment is necessary.

Dean Shaw, Volvo Car UK product manager says, ‘Whilst wipers keep front and rear windows free of rain, Water Repellent Glass now makes a substantial improvement to the driver’s vision through side windows and door mirrors – whereas previously the only other solution was to lower the window and risk a soaking!’

WRG is available on the latest 2005 models in the S60, V70, XC70, S80 and XC90 ranges.