Just in case buyers thought the styling of the New Beetle and New Beetle Cabriolet wasn’t quite distinctive enough… Volkswagen is pleased to announce the introduction of a range of decals allowing them to customise their vehicles further.

Called Beetle Art, the new portfolio comprises four designs created by artists and illustrators, and is aimed at those looking for something a little more distinctive and individual.

Jamie Cullen’s ‘Mud Splats’ features an intricate montage of birds, lions and flowers within the shape of muddy sprays on the side of the car, and was inspired by the theory that dirt on a car can look beautiful.

Wallpaper specialist Mibo has had her products in high-end department stores such as Liberty and Habitat, and has designed a bold bird and flower pattern for the New Beetle, called ‘Taking Flight’.

For something a little more colourful, customers could opt for Steve Wilson’s ‘Chasing Rainbows’ which is a compilation of rainbows, butterflies and flowers in psychedelic pinks, greens and yellows.

Finally, the Dutch surrealist artist, Parra, has developed a unique ‘It’s All Mine’ design to reinforce the ‘love affair’ owners have with their New Beetles, comprising hearts and the word ‘Mine’ along the side panels.

Each of the four designs can be purchased from a Volkswagen UK retailer as a whole or for individual body panels to create a subtle or bolder look. Prices start from £45 (inc VAT and fitting) for an individual front or rear panel, and rise to £220 (inc VAT and fitting) for a full set.

A new microsite has been launched at www.beetleart.co.uk where prospective customers can configure their desired car in a colour, bodystyle and with a design of their choice.

Research shows that 47 per cent of New Beetle drivers strongly agree with the statement ‘I like cars with distinctive styling’ compared with only 20 per cent of all drivers. Similarly 31 per cent of Beetle owners want their car to be an expression of their personality, which contrasts with just eight per cent of all drivers.

The decals themselves are made of durable long-lasting vinyl and are guaranteed for three years. Once fitted they can be treated as normal paintwork, though jet washing is not advised. At resale or when the customer wishes to change the look of the car they can be removed without the paintwork being affected.