For the launch of the new Subaru Impreza, the company has converted a car transporter to feature three upside-down Imprezas, creating a mirror image of the three identical Imprezas on the top deck.

Dubbed ‘Subaglue’ the campaign aims to highlight the Impreza’s symmetrical all wheel-drive system and the low centre of gravity afforded by its boxer engine.

The strap-line on the transporter reads: “It Sticks to the Road.”

The transporter will drive through England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland for eight weeks, starting in October.

It will link up with various Subaru dealers during its travels, even stopping off at a shopping centre for maximum rubber-necking.

The three upside-down cars have had their engines and transmissions removed to make the job of attaching them easier.

Deliveries of the new Impreza are commencing now, and prices start from £12,495 for the entry-level 1.5R model.

A 230PS turbocharged WRX model will arrive in November, followed in the spring by a hotter WRX STI and even a diesel variant before the end of 2008.