Toyota is recalling 30,790 Prius hybrids in the UK.  The recall affects cars built between March 2009 and February 2014 and addresses a problem with the hybrid system’s boost converter software.

The company says that, although there have been no reports of accidents or injuries as a result of the issue, 11 reports have been received of the issue affecting cars in the field.

The boost converter is a part of the hybrid system that’s used during high load, for instance, when accelerating hard from a stand-still.

A software setting could potentially result to a higher thermal stress in certain transistors in the boost converter, and this may lead to them becoming damaged.

Should this happen, warning lights may illuminate and the vehicle will enter ‘limp mode’ which will allow the vehicle to still be driven but with reduced power.

In some circumstances, the hybrid system may shut down, causing the vehicle to stop.

Owners of affected vehicles are being contacted by post and telephone, to be asked to take their vehicle to their nearest Toyota dealer for a software update.

The process takes around 40 minutes to complete and is, of course, free of charge.