Toyota Land Cruiser Amazon now with optional DVD entertainment

The Land Cruiser Amazon is now available with Toyota’s latest DVD in-car entertainment package.

From 1st July the cavernous 4×4 can be ordered with an optional, factory-fit DVD system that allows rear seat passengers to enjoy movies, computer games or music while on the move.

The package comprises two screens set in the back of the front seat headrests and a DVD player mounted in the centre console armrest. Operation is made simple with a remote control handset and there are two sets of headphones, which means those in the front can listen to the radio or CD player undisturbed.

As well as playing movie or music DVDs, CDs or MP3 files, the system can be connected to a home gaming system or a video camera for movie playback.

The DVD package option is priced at £2,500, including VAT.