Toyota FT-1 Concept billed as the ultimate sports car

Toyota has unveiled a new concept car, the Toyota FT-1, at the Detroit motor show.

The concept, created by the company’s Calty design studio in California, is said to be the result of a brief to create the ultimate sports car.

The FT-1 has been deliberately styled to look like a racer, with a prominent rear spoiler, large rear diffuser and bulging front and rear wings.

The design borrows cues from Toyota favourites such as the 2000GT, most notably the wrap-around windscreen.

The interior features a delta-shaped display, Formula 1-style steering wheel and a colour head-up display.

Details about the FT-1’s powertrain haven’t been forthcoming, other than to say it uses a front-engined rear-wheel drive layout.

Time to bring back the Supra name, I think.