Top prices paid for nearly new Mazda RX-8s

Demand for used Mazda RX-8s is high with frantic bidding among franchised dealers for ex-management models.

Previously, there was concern that the rotary engined coupe might suffer from weak residual values. However, the appearance of used RX-8s in the auction channel have solidified hopes that the Mazda would achieve a forecasted three year/60,000 mile retained value of close to 50 per cent.

Four Mazda RX-8 53-plate models featured in the manufacturer’s latest online auction open to all franchised dealers recently. All the models achieved more than their reserve price and around 90 per cent of their new list price.

The two 192ps models, one vehicle with 12,106 miles and the other with 9,826 miles on the clock, both sold for £20,302 – around 90 per cent of list price.

One 231ps model that had notched up 4,442 miles carried a reserve price of £21,500 and was sold for £21,600 to achieve 100.5 per cent of its reserve and 87 per cent of list. Another, with 7,636 miles on the clock and a list price new of £24,815 and a reserve of £21,250, sold for £22,300 to achieve 104.9 per cent of reserve and 89.9 per cent of list.

The electronic bid session operates with dealers placing a ‘sealed’ bid for vehicles. Bidders cannot see the bids placed by other dealers so will not know if they are successful until the online auction closes.

Mazda fleet and remarketing director David McGonigle said: “Demand for the Mazda RX-8 is huge and is attracting buyers from both the premium four-door saloon market as well as from the two-seat car sector.

“The car has a huge ‘wow’ factor and is turning heads. The Mazda RX-8 is both aspirational and desirable and the residual values achieved in the electronic auction show dealers are very confident of massive demand among nearly-new buyers.”