The Tesla Model S is now available with its own tailored finance package for UK customers.

The basis of the package is a guarantee from Tesla to buy the car back from the customer after 36 months for 50% of the base purchase price plus 43% of the cost of any options.

Alternatively, customers can choose to continue driving their Tesla and refinance the remaining balance at the same rate.

Currently, that rate is 5.9% APR with a duration of between 36 and 72 months, after a 15% deposit.

Announcing the package, Georg Ell, Tesla’s UK Country Director said: “We understand that many customers enjoy the simplicity of hire purchase but also may seek some assurance of the future value of Model S.  We want to do the right thing for customers, so we’re delighted to be able to offer this transparent and fair financing programme.”

Tesla points out that Model S drivers can expect to make substantial savings not just on fuel – with the average conventional engined car costing £15.42 in fuel per 100 miles compared to a Tesla’s £2.95 over the same distance – but also as a result of exemptions from road tax, congestion charges and BIK savings for company car drivers.

Additionally, Model S owners who specify the larger 85 kWh battery can use Tesla’s growing Supercharger network for free.

The Tesla Model S is priced from £50,280, with the 85 kWh version available from £57,680.