Ford Fiesta ST

New Ford Fiesta ST Review

I'm old enough to remember the Ford Fiesta XR2, having spent most of my late teenage years tearing around the countryside in one. My God was it chuckable, filled with a cheeky sense of fun that made you feel you hadn't so much bought a car as found a new best mate. That's how I feel about the new Fiesta ST.


2019 Ford Focus ST-Line

New 2019 Ford Focus priced from £17,930

The new Ford Focus, unveiled today, will be priced from £17,930 when it goes on sale later, with first deliveries expected to arrive at dealerships in September.


Ford Mustang Bullitt

Ford Mustang Bullitt coming to Europe

Ford has announced that the new Mustang Bullitt will be coming to Europe and, with a bit of luck, it will arrive here in time to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the iconic Steve McQueen film.


Ford Edge Vignale

Ford Edge Vignale Review

There’s just no getting away from it, this is a very expensive car. With a price tag well north of the £40,000 price barrier, the Ford Edge Vignale certainly has its work cut out if it's to compete with the more established premium brands. We spent a week with it to see how it fared.


2018 Ford Mustang

2018 Ford Mustang officially unveiled

The new 2018 Ford Mustang for Europe has been officially unveiled today. The most obvious change is to the design of the front end, with a more aggressive bonnet line and grille, aimed at improving aerodynamics.


New Ford Fiesta

New Ford Fiesta Review

Recently, the Ford Fiesta was crowned the UK's best-selling car of all time, having shifted more than 4.1 million over the course of its 40-year history. But today’s Fiesta is a far cry from the basic shopping trolley of the seventies and eighties. In fact, this new seventh generation Fiesta almost has more kit and technology than a Mercedes S-Class from just a few years ago. Ford claim it’s the most technologically advanced small car on sale in Europe and, as far as we can tell, they’re not wrong.


Ford Ranger Wildtrak

Ford Ranger Wildtrak 3.2 Review

While most people probably think of pickups as a fairly simple creation, these days buyers expect something more from their working vehicles: like all-day comfort, for one. That makes designing the modern pick-up a rather more delicate balancing act than it used to be, one that some manufacturers seem to struggle with, with more than one recently-launched pickup arriving onto the market while, shall we say, significantly under-engined. Thankfully, there is an answer in the form of the Ford Ranger, and with the option of a 3.2-litre five-cylinder it’s currently the most powerful pickup on the market.


Ford Focus RS Mountune upgrade

Ford Focus RS Mountune upgrade

Standard Ford Focus RS not fast enough for you? You're in luck, as Ford-approved tuning specialists Mountune are launching a new engine upgrade that increases power to 375PS.


Ford Kuga ST-Line

Ford Kuga ST-Line available to order 1st September

Ford has added a sporty new ST-Line model to its popular Kuga range. It will go on sale on 1st September, priced from £25,845.


2016 Ford Focus RS

New Ford Focus RS Review

You need only spend a few brief moments talking to Tyrone Johnson, Vehicle Engineering Manager for the new Focus RS, to understand just how much effort has gone into creating this latest fast Ford. To say he’s a man who knows what he wants is putting it mildly, and he certainly wasn’t willing to compromise to get it. So has all this engineering effort translated into real world performance?


2016 Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang Review UK

Before we get started, I need to make a declaration: I own a 1967 Ford Mustang. It offers an experience that’s been enjoyed by millions of Americans over the last 50 years, but on this side of the pond, it’s been the preserve of only a select hairy-chested few. Now, though, anyone can stroll in to one of 70 Ford Stores across the land, and order a slice of V8 American pie.


Ford Fiesta ST200

New Ford Fiesta ST200 unveiled

Is the current Fiesta ST not hot enough for you? Well, you're in luck, because Ford has unveiled a new 200PS version dubbed - not surprisingly - the Fiesta ST200.