Superchips VW Touareg V10 TDI conversion

Is the Touareg’s standard V10 TDI not powerful enough for you? Superchips has developed a chip conversion for VW’s bulky off-roader.

VW describes the Touareg V10 TDI’s 5.0-litre power plant as “the most powerful passenger car diesel engine ever built”, but by reprogramming the engine management system, Superchips has made it even more potent.

Maximum power is increased by 26 bhp to 356 bhp at 3,414 rpm and optimum torque by 108 Nm (80 lb/ft), to 855 Nm (630 lb/ft) at 2,776 rpm. Greater gains lie at 2,851 rpm, where power is upped by 47 bhp and torque by 116 Nm (86 lb/ft).

The Superchips conversion costs £511.13 including VAT, and can be carried out at a Superchips dealer or, in some parts of the country, at your home or place of work.