Skoda’s 1.6-litre 16-valve Tiptronic engine is now available in base Roomster 1, Fabia 1 and Fabia Estate 1 models.

Usually the preserve of models further up the trim range, the Tiptronic transmission has always been well received by customers. Now that it’s available in models costing from just £10,650 (Fabia 1), its appeal is sure to be widen still further. Previously the starting price for a Skoda with Tiptronic was £11,650 (Fabia 2 1.6-litre Tiptronic).

Warren Richards, Product Marketing Manager for Fabia, said: “Following interest from various sectors of the market, we have decided to open up the 1.6-litre 16-valve (105bhp) Tiptronic engines in Roomster 1, Fabia 1 and Fabia Estate 1 for general sale.”

The new vehicles are priced as follows:

Fabia Hatch 1:£10,650

Fabia Estate 1:£11,200

Roomster 1:£11,710