With the launch of the new Altea, Seat has embarked on a journey to give its brand a more youthful, sporty image.

Mark McKenna, Seat’s UK Head of Marketing said: “Since the repositioning of the Seat brand under the Audi Brand Group, the Altea was the first product to come out of the new Group’s sport design technology ideals concept.”

“In future we will have an extrovert image with cars of a sporting design. Up to 18 months ago we were known as the affordable brand. Now we are moving to producing products with sporting design and greater performance but we don’t want to loose what we are already known for.”

McKenna added: “We do not plan to oversupply vehicles and damage residual values – ours are better than most of the main volume manufacturers and we don’t want to loose that. We are not a volume brand, we are not up-market and we want customers to come to us out of choice.”

“The Altea creates a new sector in the market aimed at the family buyer around 25 years of age and with one to two children. Currently the average age of our customers is around 45 years old.”

McKenna also revealed that 95 per cent of enquiries for their products came to them by the web.

The Altea goes on sale in the UK from 10 July, with prices starting at £12,850 and rising to £17,600.