Wearables are big news this year, particularly in the run-up to Christmas, but the latest smart watch comes from an unlikely source – a truck manufacturer.

Developed in conjunction with Sony Mobile, the Scania Watch is described by the manufacturer as ‘the first part of your truck that you can wear.’

As with most wearables, the Scania Watch can display notifications about emails, text messages and phone calls.

But Scania’s watch goes further – it can connect with your truck to show information about fuel consumption, driving efficiency, and a vast range of trip data and metrics.

It can even remind you when it’s time to take a break.

“We see exciting opportunities for connecting a wristwatch to the essential information obtainable from truck’s technical systems, as well as to data from our system for real time monitoring and analyses of truck fleets,” says Mattias Lundholm, Head of Scania Connected Services and Solutions.

The watch requires an Android smartphone to drive its functionality, and can be configured to show data in one of three styles – one analogue and two digital.

To begin with, Scania is making the watch as part of a limited edition of just 999 units, called the Black Griffin.

Development of the watch will continue, and any new features will be made available to existing owners through a series of software updates.

“We hope future versions will include functions such as providing information on the driver’s pulse rate. And this will open up a range of health-and-safety-related services for drivers,” adds Svanholm.

The Black Griffin can be ordered from Scania’s Web Shop.  It costs €295 and comes with a custom designed box, and has the Scania logo engraved on the wristband as well as a unique piece number engraved on the back of the watch.

Watch the video above for more information about the Scania Watch.

This post has been sponsored by Scania, but all thoughts are our own.