The first Ford Fiesta ST+ cars to feature the new dealer-fit Mountune Performance upgrade packages are being handed over to customers this month. Roush Technologies, which owns the Mountune Performance and Mountune Racing brands, has just completed the first dealer training programme for the installations. Initially, just five nominated specialist dealers around the country will offer the packages – based in London, Birmingham, Bristol, Castleford and Warrington. Further dealerships will be added to the authorised performance dealer list later this year. The first car has just been completed by the London area dealer, South Essex-based Dagenham Motors.

The new Mountune Performance Fiesta ST 2.0i 16 valve upgrade packages are available in two stages -Stage 1 takes the standard car’s 150PS up to 165PS and Stage 2 extracts 185PS from the engine – with a significant hike in torque to almost 200Nm. The packages are part of a new range of fully authorised dealer pricelist options, which allow the customer to progressively upgrade and further enhance the performance, handling and appearance of the car. Developed with the assistance of Ford Team RS, the upgrades are available only through the network of appointed dealerships – and the installations and rework involved necessarily have to be undertaken by technicians trained and qualified for the programme.

Dave Jones, General Manager of Roush’s Automotive & Mountune Performance Group says, “The Fiesta upgrade packages draw on Mountune’s significant tuning experience, particularly with applications which use this base engine in motorsport. Stage 1 involves changes to both the air induction and exhaust systems, to achieve higher flows – and Stage 2 involves new camshafts and stronger valve springs. Both stages include a custom recalibration of the engine. Additional available upgrades include modified suspension and sports seats “.

The Mountune Performance Fiesta packages also underscore the company’s established reputation for extracting significantly increased power and performance from standard manufacturer engines – but without compromising the exceptional drivability, refinement and reliability characteristics of the base car.