Renault has unveiled their latest concept car, the Fluence, described as a four-seater sports coupe.

Roughly the same size as a Laguna, the Fluence’s design continues the themes established by the Wind concept, with a sloping streamlined front end and no real radiator grille, designed to place emphasis on the Renault diamond logo.

Two strips of glass run the length of the roof panel, before dropping down towards the tailgate, while the bottom of the body shell has an aluminium finish that encircles the car.

As is usual for concept cars, the Fluence sits on improbably large alloy wheels – 22 inches, in this case.

Inside, there’s Rouge Margaux red leather seating, the backs and cushions of which fan out when the electric doors are opened, apparently to ease adjustment.

An electronic control panel displays information about the car’s major functions, and folds away into the upper part of the dashboard when not in use.

The boot, with a 396 litre capacity, is accessed via a tailgate that slides over the roof on an articulated arm.

Up front, there’s a 3.5-litre V6 petrol engine developing 280bhp which is sent to the wheels via a six-speed automatic transmission with ‘flick-shift’ controls.

The Fluence is strictly a concept, with no plans for production, although its design is said to influence the look of future models.