From 21 June, drivers in London who ignore road signs could receive a £100 Penalty Charge Notice.

Free-flowing traffic is essential to keeping London moving. But it can take just one inconsiderate driver ignoring road signs to cause jams and clog up the system. By ensuring motorists follow road signs, these delays and jams can be minimised, benefiting everyone who drives in London.

Enforcing London’s road signs has historically been the responsibility of the Police. From 21 June 2004 this changes, with Transport for London (TfL) taking responsibility for all of London’s major roads. In addition, six London boroughs (Camden, Croydon, Ealing, Hammersmith & Fulham, Newham and Wandsworth) will begin enforcement on their own roads.

This is part of a pilot scheme and its effect on reducing traffic jams will be reviewed after nine months. It may then be rolled out across the rest of London.

Transport for London is committed to improving driving conditions for all London’s motorists, as well as keeping traffic on the capital’s roads flowing as freely as possible, and are uniquely equipped to do so.

The enforcement of traffic signs will mainly be carried out using CCTV cameras already in place. In addition, some boroughs will also use highly trained parking attendants.

This will free up valuable Police resources to concentrate on other aspects of transport policing and fighting crime.

In the past the Police fined offenders £60, with no discount for paying early. From 21 June 2004 the Penalty Charge for ignoring road signs will be £100, discounted to £50 if paid within 14 days.

Any money raised from the scheme will be re-invested in improving conditions in the capital for all of London’s road users.

There are no new signs to look out for, and all are well known to all drivers and are part of the Highway Code.

One of the biggest causes of traffic congestion, and a source of frustration among other drivers, is someone who sits in a yellow box junction, when they have no clear exit. The resulting traffic jam is bad enough, but they are also breaking the law.

Signs banning certain turns (such as U-turns) are also ignored by some drivers with no regard for the knock-on effect of their actions.

Drivers that ignore road signs are not only endangering themselves, but also other road users. From 21 June 2004 committing these offences could lead to a £100 Penalty Charge.

Stopping the few inconsiderate drivers that ignore road signs will result in less congestion and more free-flowing traffic for everyone using London’s roads, says TfL.