Isuzu is now offering a Prodrive Performance Pack for its new 2.5 litre entry-level Rodeo Denver Max pickup.

Costing just £760 including VAT and fitting, the PPP boosts power from 100 PS at 3,800 rpm to 128 PS – a 28 per cent increase.

Equally important – especially for towing and load-lugging duties – the torque rises by 33 per cent from 166.7 lb.ft to a substantial 222.0 lb.ft.

Available immediately – and fitted by any official Isuzu (UK) Limited dealer – the PPP gives stronger throttle response, increased flexibility, greater refinement and quicker acceleration.

The extra power and torque is achieved thanks to a reprogrammed Electronic Control Unit which uprates the fuel supply and alters the ignition timing.

As turbo boost is not affected, engine strain remains low. It allows Isuzu (UK) Limited to include the PPP under its normal three year/60,000 mile warranty.

The Rodeo range now starts at £13,990 (on the road but excluding VAT) for the new 2.5 litre Denver Max. And until September 30, automatic transmission is free of charge on the popular Denver 3.0 Max and Max LE models.