Power Boost available for Isuzu 3.0-litre Pick-ups

Oxfordshire-based Owen Developments, responsible for the power upgrades for various Mitsubishi models, have launched a power upgrade for the Isuzu Rodeo.

Owen say the Isuzu’s 3.0-litre four-cylinder intercooled direct injection turbo diesel unit can easily produce more power and torque without major changes.

Brian Owen, managing director of Owen Developments said: “More power and torque without detriment to the longevity of the engine is useful for recreational or work horse applications. For the Rodeo we have designed and developed a piggyback electronic control unit (ECU), which sits alongside and plugs in to the vehicle’s standard ECU and overrides designated areas of the standard electronic messaging system.”

“By programming our ECU to fine tune the original factory settings for electronic fuel delivery, engine injection timing and increasing the turbo pressure by just 1.6 psi by adding a boost controller to the turbocharger boost pressure pipe, power output is raised by 29 bhp. Torque is also increased by 57.2 lb.ft. The changes our ECU implements do not affect any other functions controlled by the standard ECU,” said Owen.

The Isuzu Rodeo power upgrade kit costs £370 plus vat and initially Owen Developments will fit these units to customer’s vehicles. In the future any reputable tuning company can do the conversion work.