To meet the ever changing demands from customers and to maximise the interior space of the Partner Tepee, this class leading family compact MPV is now available with a new seven-seat pack option.

This new option will appeal to families seeking an alternative to a compact MPV, due to the exceptional modularity and family friendliness of the design. When the option is chosen, the Partner Tepee is capable of seating up to seven individuals. The innovative design of the rear seats, which can be folded down or removed, also enables the vehicle to lose none of its flexibility and load carrying capabilities.

With the seven-seat pack option the Partner Tepee becomes a very versatile and comfortable vehicle which is very well suited to the demands of a modern family and to their possible leisure activities.

The inherent spaciousness of the Partner Tepee has meant that seven “full-size” seats can be installed, arranged as follows:

  • 2 independent seats in row one
  • 3 independent folding and removable seats in row two
  • 2 independent folding and removable seats in row three

Particular attention has been paid to the seating position in row three to ensure there is enough space for the rear occupants’ knees and feet. To achieve this the seats in row two have been moved forwards by 90 mm and raised by 42 mm compared to the five-seater version.

The rear floor section has also been raised slightly which gives the third row occupants an excellent panoramic view. The seat backs in row three are angled so as to guarantee a good seating position and contribute to passenger comfort.

The seats in rows two and three can be folded down flat and removed independently of each other. The seats in row two weigh only 14 kg and the row three seats 12 kg; it is, therefore, possible to transform the interior of the vehicle at will and with minimum effort.

Access to the third row of seats is achieved by folding down the outer seats in row two. Combined with the wide opening afforded by the sliding side doors, it ensures an easy access for passengers to row three. Children, however, if preferred, can get into the row three seats through the boot, using the gap between the two individual seats!

To enable the rear-most occupants to store their bits and pieces, three additional storage areas have been created in the rear floor, one of which also cleverly stores the sliding luggage cover when it is not being used. These areas are in addition to the storage areas located at the second row passengers’ feet and demonstrate the care taken with the design of the passenger compartment layout.

The row two passengers also benefit from aircraft-style folding tables on the backs of the front seats and the seats are rack adjustable.

The load area volume in the seven-seater version is 100 litres under the rear load cover. This then increases to 470 litres when the row three seats are folded flat and 650 litres when the third row seats are removed.

To maintain the class leading dynamic performance of the Partner Tepee, the seven-seat pack version uses up-rated springs and shock absorbers capable of supporting a heavier load than on the five-seater version.

A lot of attention has also been paid to the acoustic comfort within the vehicle. Passengers in row three are able to communicate easily with the other occupants of the vehicle, including those in row one.

Both Partner Tepee seven-seat pack models are only available with Peugeot’s class leading HDi 90 diesel engine and a five-speed manual gearbox and in two trim levels, S and Outdoor.

The 1.6 litre HDi diesel engine represent the latest generation of diesel engines designed by Peugeot and provides a high level of driveability, while still limiting CO2 emissions and reducing fuel consumption.

Some options and standard features of the Partner Tepee, such as the multi-purpose Zenith roof and the interior roof rack, are incompatible with the seven-seat option, as the position of the third row seats has been raised.

Low running costs are an important consideration to owners. To help lower its running costs, the new Partner Tepee fitted with the HDi 90 diesel engine also benefits from extended service intervals of 12,500 miles or 2 years.

The seven-seater Partner Tepee pack option will be available in March priced at £570 on the Outdoor model and £800 on the S model. The S model price also includes side airbags (standard on Outdoor versions). Both versions benefit from the standard fitment of a 12v accessory socket in the boot.

S 1.6 HDi 90 w/Seven seat option: £13,745
Outdoor 1.6 HDi 90 w/Seven seat option: £15,215