Peugeot is entering into the 4×4 SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) market with a new model that is 4.64 metres long and fitted with one of its accomplished HDi diesel engines, with DPFS (Diesel Particulate Filter System).

Its name – 4007 – uses the double-zero identity as it represents another new concept in the development of Peugeot’s model range. The ‘4’ represents its size within the Peugeot range and the ‘7’ specifies its generation.

The vehicle is the result of the co-operation between PSA Peugeot Citroën and the Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, and this new 4×4 SUV will be on sale during the second half of 2007.

The 4007 is completely true to Peugeot’s marque values, being dynamic, with assured value, distinctively styled and innovative. Styled at Peugeot’s design centre, based at Vélizy in France, the distinctive and feline design style of the 4007, with its tapered headlights and open front grille, are the first signs that identify it is a Peugeot vehicle, consistent in style with other models in the range. The chrome structure that makes up the large air inlet strengthens the vehicle’s elegance and creates an air of authority.

Framing the air intake in the front bumper is a chrome surround that portrays a feeling of refinement and strength. The aerodynamic design of the roof, with its ribbed detailing creates an impression of strength and style, combined with a more contemporary design style at the rear of the vehicle.

At the back, a brushed aluminium trim sits between the translucent jewel-like lights, emphasising the chrome Peugeot emblem mounted above the rear number plate.

The generously proportioned wheel arches and ground clearance provide the 4007 with a capability and security for its driver and passengers, no matter what the driving conditions.

The interior of 4007 has been designed to extend the marque’s appeal and values in this sector by being functional and stylish with plenty of storage capability.

Always aware of the impact of vehicles on the environment, Peugeot has equipped the 4007 with its latest 2.2-litre diesel engine, featuring its technologically advanced Diesel Particulate Filter System (DPFS) for the best combination of performance, economy and environmental protection.

The 2.2-litre HDi diesel engine features direct common-rail injection and is the result of the partnership with the Ford Motor Group. It develops 156 bhp (115 kW) and 280 lb ft (380 Nm) of torque, and is capable of using a 30% mixture of diesel biofuel, without any modifications.

Producing a driving experience that is both dynamic and pleasurable, this engine boasts impressive fuel economy and emissions performance, among the best in the SUV sector. The engine is combined with a 6-speed manual gearbox to make the best use of the high-torque characteristics of the 2.2-litre HDi diesel engine.

The 4007 is equipped with electronic control management on all four driven wheels. The system has been designed to increase both the driver’s confidence and the vehicle dynamics for on-road driving behaviour.

The steering, suspension, four-wheel-drive system, brakes and tyres have all been developed to achieve maximum efficiency. The 4007 continues Peugeot’s reputation for producing engaging cars with dynamic and safe road characteristics.

With this new SUV model, Peugeot is continuing its strategy of extending the available choice of products in response to the diverse demands of its customers.