Peugeot 308 CC details revealed

As the pioneer of "folding roof cars" with its elegant 401, 601 and 402 "Eclipse" models from the 1930s, Peugeot now reveals details of its latest coupe cabriolet, the 308 CC.

It’s now over seven years since Peugeot introduced its best known coupe cabriolet, the 206 CC, which then evolved in 2003 into the 307 CC and then, in 2007, into the UK’s current best selling open top car, the 207 CC. This successful concept will shortly evolve again with the introduction of the Peugeot 308 CC.

The 308 CC, with its four full-size seats, capitalises on all the inbuilt strengths of the 308 range whilst still embodying the "307 CC spirit" and Peugeot’s coupe cabriolet expertise. Above all, it promises enthusiasts of "lifestyle" motoring a unique and genuinely attractive offer.

The 308 CC stands out due to its elegant and stylish design, both in its coupe and cabriolet configurations. A low sporty profile confirms the dynamic potential of the 308 CC and the prominent shape and spectacular LED rear lights create a unique signature for the car by day and by night.

The passenger compartment has an undeniable personality. Particularly striking in the "cabriolet" version, it has a different feel from the hatchback and creates the impression of a grand touring car.

The deeply sculpted and supportive front seats, with their integral head restraints, have an inbuilt air vent which diffuses warm air around the occupant’s neck. The rear seats also mirror this distinctive design and offer rear accommodation that is surprisingly generous for a cabriolet.

The 308 CC will be available with both simple and an "integral leather" interior trim. The entire passenger compartment is now also trimmed in leather, which is unusual in this segment.

Key Features

The Peugeot 308 CC will see for the first time on a Peugeot coupe cabriolet the introduction of a warm air heating system built into the front seats. This "Airwave" system acts like a scarf by diffusing warm air adjustable for temperature, flow and direction around the occupant’s shoulders / neck.

Other new features will also be introduced including:

The 308 CC is also a car that can be used on a daily basis due to its usable boot which includes a number of dedicated storage spaces (including one under the boot carpet designed to hold the optional wind stop). It has a capacity of 465 litres or 266 litres with the roof folded.

Finally, to make any journey as pleasant as possible, the 308 CC will benefit from a comprehensive range of Peugeot’s latest in-car-communication systems.

Finally, for all music aficionados a JBL Hi-fi option will also be available with 10 speakers offering a made-to-measure sound experience.

The new Peugeot 308 CC will be the star of this year’s Paris Motor Show in September.