Nissan is clearly disappointed with the results of the latest Euro NCAP crash test, where the score for the model year 08 Nissan Navara was compromised by the delayed deployment of the airbags. Nissan is also disappointed that Euro NCAP has not published the results of the re-test of Navara, equipped with upgraded airbag control unit software.

Nissan would like to emphasise that the airbag issue applies to a limited number of Model Year 08 Navaras that were produced between May and December 2007. There is no issue with the airbag control unit on Navaras produced from launch in 2005 until May 2007.

Following consultation with Euro NCAP after the results of the first test, Nissan immediately developed and, in December 2007, put into production a software update on the airbag control unit to ensure the airbag performed exactly according to design specifications. In parallel to this, a service campaign was launched in December 2007 on all Model Year 08 Nissan Navaras, where customers of the Model Year 08 Navara were invited to their Nissan dealer to have updated airbag control settings applied to their vehicles.

To obtain Euro NCAP’s verification of the effectiveness of the software update, earlier this month Nissan made available to Euro NCAP a Navara with the modified airbag control unit for re-test. Nissan is looking forward to the publication of these results in the coming weeks. Nissan is eager for Euro NCAP’s confirmation that the modifications have fully resolved the airbag deployment issue and is confident that it will achieve a competitive score.

However, in full consultation with Euro NCAP, Nissan has opted to expand the scope of the service campaign, as a move to offer maximum reassurance to Navara customers, to include all Nissan Navaras produced from launch in 2005. Therefore, from last week, Navara owners have been invited to visit their dealer to have the updated software applied to their vehicles.

Brian Carolin, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, for Nissan in Europe: “At Nissan we take vehicle quality and integrity extremely seriously, so when the issue of the slightly delayed airbag deployment on model year 08 Navaras was identified we immediately developed a counter-measure. We also initiated a service campaign, inviting all owners to have updated software applied to the airbag control unit of their vehicle, so that those owners can continue to use and enjoy the Navara in total confidence. We encourage Euro NCAP to publish the result of the Navara re-test as soon as they have it.”

Nissan remains deeply committed to vehicle integrity on all of its products and highlights that the Qashqai achieved the maximum five-star rating for adult occupant protection from Euro NCAP, with the highest ever recorded score for any vehicle. It was awarded 36.83 points out of a maximum 37 points, receiving almost full scores in Euro NCAP’s strict front and side impact tests, as well as a full score for seatbelt reminders.