Nissan is set to unveil a new 300PS version of its 350Z Coupe – the GT4 – at this month’s Autosport International show.

The limited edition has been developed in association with Sony PlayStation’s ‘Gran Turismo 4: The Real Driving Simulator’ and only 176 will be made available in the UK.  Prices will be announced at the show, with pre-orders taken from 1 February at the traditional time of 3.50pm.

The GT4 is the fastest 350Z Nissan has yet sold in the UK. The award winning 3.5-litre V6 motor gets revised pistons and camshaft as well as electronic exhaust valve timing control. This helps produce another 20PS to give 300PS developed at 6400 rpm, 200 rpm higher than standard. Top speed remains a limited 155 mph but at 5.8 seconds, the GT4 is even quicker to 62 mph than standard. It’s louder, too.

All 176 GT4s run on a new design of lacquered, five-spoke, 18″ alloy wheel, with 76 of them available in a unique Ultra Yellow paint that uses a high-luminance, high-chroma pearl pigment along with three layers of top coat.  The remaining 100 will be painted in stark Kuro Black.

Inside, the interior mirrors that of the 350Z GT Pack with two black leathered, electrically adjustable and heated seats as well as a 240 watt BOSE tuned stereo and 6 CD in-dash changer. Marking out each UK supplied GT4 will be a numbered, interior mounted plaque and in the boot, owners will find a gift box from Nissan containing a Sony PS2 and GT4 game.

Gran Turismo 4 is Sony’s second full GT game for PS2 and gets its Europe-wide launch towards the end of February. The game features a new physics model that allows for the most realistic simulation yet across 50 different racing circuits of the driving characteristics of each car (and there are 500 to choose from).

The only time the GT4 will be shown in the UK before deliveries start in March is at Autosport International in what will be its European debut. As well as seeing the car on Nissan’s stand, visitors will get a preview of the game.