Nissan has added more cylinders and more power to the Pathfinder model range with the introduction of the 4.0 litre V6 T-SPEC, priced at £33,960 OTR. And if that’s not smooth enough, Nissan is also tempting customers with one of the most advanced communications packages, worth £2000, as a free upgrade on the SVE model.

The Pathfinder 4.0 litre V6 shares its VQ engine with the award winning 350Z and the stylish Murano. There’s added capacity, though, to suit this off-roader application – 3954cc, to be exact, 456 more than the 350Z. Producing 265bhp of power and 385Nm of torque through a five-speed automatic gearbox with manual override linked to a switchable high or low ratio transfer box, it propels the seven seater 4×4 to 62 mph in just 8.9 seconds. Which Nissan believes makes it the fastest SUV available, in the UK, with seven seats.

Not only fast, it’s also controllable. Nissan’s ‘All MODE’ 4×4 system maintains traction in all conditions by transmitting power to the rear wheels until any wheel slip is detected. It will then transfer the power to the front wheels or with the help of Electronic Stability Program (ESP) apply a braking force to the offending wheel, or both, depending on the circumstances. Therefore maximum traction is always applied whether you are travelling on road or off-road.

The V6 is currently only available in range topping T-SPEC form. The T stands for Technology and to justify this here are some of the features included as standard:

Communication pack:

  • DVD birdview satellite navigation system. This latest path-finding aid features voice recognition, a full seven inch colour screen, enough mapping to cover 21 countries throughout Europe plus traffic management channel (TMC) to help avoid any congested areas – leading you clearly and easily to your chosen route.
  • Bluetooth phone connectivity. Just pair your phone up to the N-FORM console and full hands-free, voice activation operation can be applied via the screen monitor.
  • Rear parking camera. Select reverse and a full colour image of the area behind you, along with guidance lines, is displayed on the 7-inch monitor.
  • Premium Audio. An in-dash 6CD system with a superior sound quality specially tuned to the vehicle and featuring MP3 compatibility.

During August and September Nissan is offering the above Communication pack as a free upgrade on the 2.5dCi SVE. Normally this would add £2000 to the SVE’s £28,760 price tag, which already includes the luxury of leather upholstery, electrically adjusted and heated front seats, five flat folding rear seats, 17″ alloy wheels, privacy glass, Intelligent Key, front and rear climate controlled air-conditioning, auto headlamps, auto wipers and cruise control. Incidentally, all this is shared with the new V6 ? along with the additions of xenon headlamps and an electric glass sunroof. Try specifying one of the Pathfinder’s petrol-fuelled rivals to the same level and then compare prices. You’ll find that the Nissan is much more affordable.

The Pathfinder V6 is on sale now, deliveries being expected in September. With this new combination of smooth power to tackle the rough, not to mention a technological offer to tempt the most loyal of land-roamers, many more SUV buyers should find their path takes them into a Nissan showroom.