Nissan Navara residual values

Nissan’s new Navara, which went on sale this month, has gone straight in at number one in the pick-up residual value charts.

EurotaxGlass’s has released residual value predictions for the new 174PS Navara pick-up, which puts it ahead of close rivals from Mitsubishi, Toyota and Ford.

After three years and 60,000 miles EurotaxGlass’s reckons the new Navara 4×4 will be worth up to 47% of its original cost new. That means the £18,195 4×4 2.5dCi Outlaw Double Cab, which is anticipated to be one of the best selling models, will be worth £8,531 after three years.

That compares with the Mitsubishi L200 4×4 Animal Double Cab that is worth £7,974 (40%) and the Toyota Hilux Invincible 280VX 4×4 Double Cab £7,887 (44%) after three years.

Over two years and 40,000 miles the same Navara model will be worth 54% of its original cost new (£9,766), compared with the L200 £9,122 (46%) and the Hilux £9,023 (50%).

“‘The new Navara range is very comprehensive with high levels of equipment included as standard. Nissan has a stylish and rugged looking 4×4 that is equally at home, both on and off road,” explained Andy Picton, LCV Forecast Editor at EurotaxGlass’s.

“With the launch of the new Navara, the gauntlet has been thrown down to the other manufacturers in this sector, moving the pickup market on to a new level with specifications that wouldn’t go amiss in any SUV. Based on these observations and that the new Navara is the first of a new generation of 4×4 pickups on the market, the prospects for its residual values look strong,” he added.

Francis Bleasdale, Nissan’s contract hire and leasing manager said: “Both the fleet and retail markets have responded very positively to the Navara since its launch and the new model is better equipped and has more power than the outgoing model.

“All the residual value guides and major fleets have had early access to the new Navara and the strong residual positioning is proof that everybody holds the vehicle in high regard.”