Nissan’s Nismo sub-brand is well known for giving its cars a little extra ‘edge.’  But have you ever wondered what Nismo might be able to do for humans?

Clearly, someone at Nissan had the same thought, and started the company on a path that saw the creation of the Nismo Driver Development Programme to help drivers achieve their maximum possible performance.

By using a biometric harness and the JukeRide analysis tool, athletes and trainers can create a bespoke training programme that helps drivers function at the same level of some of the world’s top professional sports car racers in just three months.

To put the programme to the test, Nissan proposed a challenge.

World-renowned base jumper Dave Barlia would jump from the heights of Switzerland’s Susten Pass while wearing a wingsuit.  During his 4,501 feet descent, Barlia would achieve speeds of more than 130mph, and would at times be no more than six metres away from the rock face rushing past him.

At the same time, 2012 Nissan GT Academy Champion Peter Pyzera would set off in a 370Z Nismo, winding his way through the treacherous switchbacks.

Powered by an uprated 3.7-litre V6 engine boasting 344PS and 371Nm of torque, the 370Z Nismo can sprint from 0-62mph in just 5.2 seconds and on to a top speed of 155mph.

But would that be enough?  Watch the video below to see who won.

Think you could handle the challenge?  The 370Z Nismo is available now priced from £36,995.

This video is sponsored by Nissan, but all thoughts are our own.