Volvo’s new S40 saloon has achieved high scores in four recent independent crash tests, including the latest Euro NCAP.

In the Euro NCAP test, that performs frontal offset impact and side impact tests against another vehicle and a pole, the S40 achieved the maximum rating of 5 stars, with 2 stars awarded for pedestrian protection.

The US NCAP tests, run by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, judge the level of protection offered to both the front and rear seat, impact side occupants in a side impact crash, and both achieved the maximum rating of 5 stars in the new Volvo S40.

The IIHS evaluates the effects of frontal impact tests in three categories – passenger compartment deformation, injuries to front seat occupants and the effectiveness of seatbelts and airbags. The Volvo S40 scored top marks in all three categories, awarding it the IIHS ‘Best Pick’ in its class.

And finally, joint crash test analyses by Folksam and the SNRA of 14 different seats found that the Volvo S40 with its WHIPS system, offered the highest levels of whiplash protection level in a rear impact collision. As a consequence it becomes one of two models to earn the accolade of “Best Pick”. Last year the Volvo V70 was similarly acclaimed.

“Crash tests and these kinds of surveys can only take one or a few aspects of a vehicle’s overall safety level into account and provide a general indication of a car’s safety level,” said Ingrid Skogsmo, head of the Volvo Safety Centre in Sweden.

“However, at Volvo Cars we believe in a more holistic approach using our extensive knowledge from real life accidents, controlled crash tests and computer simulation. As with every Volvo, we have developed the new Volvo S40 as a very safe car, and this is now being confirmed by these independent tests. This is very encouraging but we will, of course, remain committed to our guiding principle, to continue to enhance overall occupant protection in real life accidents,” she concludes.