Isuzu is now offering a Prodrive Performance Pack for its Rodeo Denver 3.0 litre pickup plus a whole host of attractive new accessories.

Costing just £760 including VAT and fitting, the PPP boosts power from 131 PS at 3,800 rpm to a substantial 155 PS at the same engine speed.  Equally important – especially for towing and load-lugging duties – the torque rises from 206.5 lb.ft to a solid 258.1 lb.ft at the same 2,000 rpm.

Available only for manual versions at launch – and fitted by any official Isuzu (UK) Limited dealer – the PPP will be offered for the Rodeo Denver automatic shortly.

Apart from stronger throttle response, increased flexibility and greater refinement, the 0-60 mph acceleration time is reduced from 16.8 seconds to 12.4 seconds.  The extra power and torque is achieved thanks to a reprogrammed Electronic Control Unit which uprates the fuel supply and alters the ignition timing.  As turbo boost is not affected, engine strain is not increased. It allows Isuzu (UK) Limited to include the PPP under its normal three year/60,000 mile warranty.

The Prodrive-developed upgrade was approved following extensive evaluation and was chosen over power packs which rely on extra turbo boost as they do not meet Isuzu’s strict durability criteria.  As a further aid to reliability, the engine reverts to standard power every time it is turned off. It means the unit is better protected during cold-starting.  Ideally, once the engine is warm, the driver can select extra power via a conveniently placed fascia switch.

New additions to the Isuzu Rodeo’s extensive accessory range include a larger wheel and tyre combination comprising 18 ins alloys with lower-profile 255/60 Pirelli Scorpion Zero tyres. The standard size is 16 ins alloys with 245/70 tyres. Featuring a bold five-spoke design, the four optional wheels and tyres cost £1,580 including VAT.

Also new is a stainless steel mesh grille for £199.95, best complemented by a striking driving lamp kit for £395 (both including VAT).