Nissan’s new Navara pickup is available to order now for delivery in August, with prices starting at £14,695 (£17,231.10 inc. VAT) for the King Cab rising to £21,970 (£25,779.23 inc. VAT) for the Aventura Double Cab.

The Navara King Cab will be available in three varieties: standard, SE and Outlaw. The Navara Double Cab is offered in the same but with the addition of a new range topper with a new name to Nissan, the Aventura. It’s Spanish for adventure and is the best-equipped pick-up ever sold officially in the UK with a specification to shame a £40,000 SUV. Yet this Navara costs roughly half that. For most, though, the pick of this pick-up range will be the Outlaw Double Cab. It’s priced at £18,195 (£21,343.60 inc. VAT) which Nissan claims is better value than less powerful and less roomy rivals. But let’s start with the standard setting ‘standard’ Navara.

This workhorse shares its tall, broad-shouldered styling with the rest of the range. Nissan’s trademark 4×4 grille, colour coded for this version, sends out don’t-mess-with-me messages. Mess, though, is exactly what this pick-up has been built to cope with. Its part time four-wheel drive system is electrically selected via an easy to use rotary dial on the dashboard. There are high and low ratios with the crawl ratio giving outstanding traction particularly on steep descents. Nissan also fits as standard a limited slip differential as well as anti-lock brakes with electronic brakeforce distribution and Brake Assist.

Up front there are twin airbags and a single CD audio system. Plus there’s a choice of pillar-less King Cab version with rear-hinged rear doors and fold down jump seats, or for £15,745 (£18,464.85 inc. VAT) the crew friendly Double Cab. A metal guard is fitted to protect the rear window to which tools can also be tied, while a tubular rear bumper allows this Navara to be loaded by a fork lift. Both have remote control central locking and an alarm. Given the standard Navara’s utilitarian intentions, the only option is manual air conditioning for £450 + VAT. Or, for another £1400 (£1,645 inc. VAT), you could step up to the Navara SE.

The SE stands out to help you step up by virtue of its side bars and chunky chrome back bumper. The front bumper is now body coloured and chrome is liberally applied to the grille. The wheels grow to 17″ and are the same alloy design used on Nissan’s latest SUV, the Pathfinder with which the Navara shares so much … electronic climate control, a leather steering wheel, electric and heated door mirrors, a fold flat passenger seat, and active front headrests, for example. They all feature on the Navara SE.

What you can also get on a Navara SE (but not on a Pathfinder) is Nissan’s innovative C-channel system and an external guard frame for the back of the cab. For £200, this so-called Utility Pack builds in five rails to the load bay (one on either side of the load floor, plus one on each of the three fixed sides of the pick-up bed) into which self-locking cleats can be placed to provide fixed points for securing ropes.

The C-channel is just one of the many extras included as standard when you step up to the Navara Outlaw. Having this iconic (in pick-up circles) badge on the Navara’s quick-release tailgate adds £900 in King Cab form or £1050 in Double Cab. That translates to £16,995 (£19,933.60 inc. VAT) and £18,195 (£21,343.60 inc. VAT) respectively, the difference in premium being accounted for by the Double Cab’s added roof rails. Destined to be the most popular version in the range, the Outlaw is loaded with equipment that will have the average pick-up driver thinking he (or she) has died and gone to SUV heaven: automatic headlamps, headlamp wash, rain sensing windscreen wipers, a trip computer, cruise control, front fogs, a 6CD autochanger with steering wheel controls and rear dark tinted glass. This is one blingin’ truck. And it’s as much as £2170 more affordable than its Mitsubishi, Toyota, Ford and Isuzu rivals once you adjust their specifications to match the Navara Outlaw’s.

But the available features haven’t stopped yet. DVD satellite navigation, a premium audio system with MP3 compatability, Bluetooth mobile phone connectivity plus front side and curtain airbags are also available – at least if you’ve ordered an Outlaw King Cab and have a spare £1700 handy for this aptly named Hitech Pack. The Outlaw Double Cab gets its own £1375 option pack with, now get this, an electric glass sunroof, front side and curtain airbags, leather seat trim, and electrically adjustable seats. Would you believe they’re heated, too? The pick-up has come a long way.

Going a long way is one of the £20,995 (£24,633.60 inc. VAT) Aventura’s many capabilities. With the just described Hitech and Premium Packs fitted as standard, there’s never been a more comprehensively equipped pick-up officially sold in the UK. What’s more, like the Outlaw Double Cab, buyers can choose five speed automatic transmission for £975 making it the ninth of the nine different Navaras. Is there another vehicle on the market that can carry 1097kg of whatever and tow a 2.6 tonne trailer yet guide its occupants to their destination by DVD satnav while they sit in climate controlled, Bluetooth linked, leather trimmed comfort? Nissan doesn’t think so.

More remarkable, given what you’ve just read, are the Navara’s green credentials. And we’re not talking about its likely popularity amongst landscape gardeners. The four-wheel drive Navara 6-speed pick-up is more economical (33.2mpg on the combined cycle) and emits less CO2 (226 g/km) than many passenger cars including, for example, an Audi A6 2.4. Of more interest to the building trade, though, will be the Navara’s commercial vehicle classification and the news that both versions have the greatest load floor areas in their class: the Double Cab’s is 2.36m2 and the King Cab’s is 2.9 m2, big enough to carry 4ft x 8ft sheets of plywood …surprisingly quickly. Acceleration to 62mph takes between 10.8 and 11.5 seconds depending on version. It doesn’t hang about between gears either, not with 403Nm of torque available at just 2000rpm. And we almost forgot to mention its peak power output (again) – 174PS at 4000rpm. Looks like every rival pick-up’s number is most surely up.

EngineVersionBodyTransmissionInsurance GroupBasic OTR PriceOTR Price
2.5 dCi 174StandardKing Cab6 manual10£14,695£17,231.10
2.5 dCi 174StandardDouble Cab6 manual10£15,745£18,464.85
2.5 dCi 174SEKing Cab6 manual10£16,095£18,876.10
2.5 dCi 174SEDouble Cab6 manual10£17,145£20,109.85
2.5 dCi 174OutlawKing Cab6 manual10£16,995£19,933.60
2.5 dCi 174OutlawDouble Cab6 manual10£18,195£21,343.60
2.5 dCi 174OutlawDouble Cab5 auto11£19,170£22,489.23
2.5 dCi 174AventuraDouble Cab6 manual11£20,995£24,633.60
2.5 dCi 174AventuraDouble Cab5 auto11£21,970£25,779.23

Basic OTR price excludes VAT but includes delivery to the dealership, number plates, 12 months’ Vehicle Excise Duty and the Government First Registration Fee. OTR Price includes VAT, delivery to the dealership, number plates, 12 months’ Vehicle Excise Duty and the Government First Registration Fee.






Total Price (exc VAT)

Metallic, pearlescent or Black paint






Manual air conditioning



Utility Pack*



Hitech Pack (King Cab only)**




Premium Pack (Double Cab only)***




o = option s = standard

* Utility Pack includes C-Channel and external cab guard frame

** Hitech Pack is available on King Cab only and includes DVD satellite navigation, premium audio with MP3 compatibility, Bluetooth mobile phone connectivity and front, side and curtain airbags

*** Premium Pack is available on Double Cab only and includes sunroof, leather seat trim, heated and electric front seats and front, side and curtain airbags