BMW’s best selling 5 Series gets a new engine in September that showcases increased power output while economy and emissions figures both improve at the same time. The new four-cylinder single-turbocharged powerplant has an output of 177hp, up from 163hp compared to the previous 520d. Such an improvement has led to improved performance figures with the zero to 62mph achieved in 8.3 seconds in the Saloon compared to 8.6 seconds previously. Top speed is 144mph.

A BMW 520d has always made sound financial sense and with the new 1,995cc engine in place further monetary incentive is on offer. The model achieves greater fuel economy with a combined 55.4mpg figure. A CO2 emissions figure of 136g/km sees the vehicle drop into Band C for Vehicle Excise Duty saving an owner further expenditure. Similar impressive figures are achieved with the new engine in the Touring model. The 520d Touring has a zero to 62mph time of 8.5 seconds, a combined consumption figure of 53.3mpg and 140g/km emissions.

The powerplant in the 520d achieves its class-leading performance figures courtesy of EfficientDynamics technology including Brake Energy Regeneration, active aerodynamics, Optimum gear shift indicator and low rolling resistance tyres. The BMW 520d Saloon costs from £27,190 OTR while the 520d Touring costs from £29,200 OTR.