British specialist sports car manufacturer TVR has been selling three weeks’ worth of production of its new Tuscan 2 every day from its stand at The Sunday Times Motor Show Live.

By selling 15 of the new cars each day, TVR will soon be reaching for the ‘sold out’ notices for the £39,750 new-comer, to add to the two year waiting list for the TVR Typhon and the 12 month wait for the TVR Sagaris.

Ben Samuelson, TVR’s head of marketing and communications, says: ‘The decision to make the world debut of the Tuscan 2 at the British motor show has really paid off. Despite worries about petrol prices and interest rates, TVR will leave the show with the Tuscan 2 sold out until the end of the year.’

‘One couple fell instantly in love with the car, and put down a deposit even though their first child is due in just eight weeks. We also had one customer who ordered a Sagaris for next spring – and a Typhon for the following year.’

The success at the show puts TVR in a confident mood as the Le Mans 24-hour race approaches. ‘The Tuscan 2 and the Sagaris will be put in a truck destined for Le Mans as soon as the show closes. They will be on display while our six-strong team of British drivers takes part in the race,’ says Samuelson.