Maybach has increased its range of optional factory equipment, including new Hotel and High Protection specifications.

The Hotel spec includes equipment ‘tailored to the daily demands of the hotel industry and the use of vehicles by a frequently changing clientele.’ New multi-storage compartments in the rear of the vehicle can be used to hold hot towels for arriving guests, for example. The car phone located in the rear centre console is integrated via a conventional telephone cord, and the backs of the front seats are equipped with practical fold-out tables where video monitors would otherwise be installed. Particular attention was also paid to the boot and its specific uses: for example, a special Maybach covering ensures that valuable items of luggage are secured and protected.

Maybach developers have also fulfilled a special customer wish in a concept vehicle for the Maybach Type 57 model by plating all chrome trimming with gold, more specifically with an extremely thin layer of 24-carat gold. The rims were also painted with gold lacquer that matches the gold in the interior.

Maybach has developed a further variant of the Type 57 limousine with regard to the interior design possibilities. It features include double-sewn seams in the vehicle’s leather seats and deep pile, lambskin carpeting.

For some time now, a special business package has been available as an ex-works equipment option for laptop users that includes mobile Internet access and a printer. Bluetooth wireless technology now also enables the customer’s laptop to be integrated into the vehicle. The computer can be set down on one of the fold-out tables located between the rear seats or placed in one of the multi-functional storage compartments on the back of the front seats when not being used.

Customers who place the highest priority on discretion can order a special vertically adjustable glass partition for the Maybach 62 – as long as this is permitted in the country in which the vehicle is operated. The electro-transparent glass partition can also be set to block visibility to the rear of the vehicle with the push of a button. In addition, Maybach Guard, also based on the Maybach 62, provides special protection against attacks on the vehicle from the outside. As such, it meets the so-called High Protection standards as laid out in European Protection Class B4.

Maybach offers those customers who wish to travel with up to three passengers in the rear seats an alternative seating configuration featuring a third seat in the centre of the rear of the vehicle. This variant retains the two individual rear seats and replaces the standard centre console with a third seat. In those vehicles fitted with a third rear seat, the devices normally located in the centre console for operating and adjusting the curtains, lights and entertainment facilities are replaced by a compact palmtop equipped with Bluetooth technology. The wireless ‘remote control’ is located in a storage compartment in the back of the front passenger seat.