Mitsubishi in the UK has revealed that the all-new Outlander will now seamlessly step up a gear with the introduction of the Lancer Evolution X’s Twin Clutch SST.

As exemplified in the Lancer Evolution X, the Twin Clutch SST’s benefits include:

  • lightning quick shifting versus normal manual transmissions,
  • almost no power loss when shifting versus traditional automatic transmissions,
  • lower fuel consumption & emissions versus automatics due to the inherent efficiency of the system’s gear changes.

This will be the first SUV to be equipped with cutting-edge twin clutch technology and will certainly add to Outlander’s excellent driving dynamics.

The latest innovation comes from Mitsubishi’s “Project Global” architecture and helps to further validate the decision to roll out this technology beyond the legendary Lancer Evolution X hero model.

Further specification details are still to be announced, but the UK models will come complete with paddle shifters, dual mode (Normal/Sport) and Hill Start Assist functions.