The Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X makes its return to the UK later this year with a special edition model that will be available in strictly limited numbers.

Just 40 units of the Evo X FQ-440 MR will be coming to the UK, as part of the company’s celebrations of 40 years in Europe, and will be offered in Frost White only.

The FQ-440 MR features a bespoke ECU map that sees its 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine produce 440bhp at 6,800rpm and 412 lb/ft at 3,100rpm.

The special Evo uses an HKS turbo, high-flow fuel injectors, Janspeed manifold, intake and intercooler piping, as well as a Janspeed exhaust and high-flow cat.

Power is transmitted to all four corners via a six-speed twin-clutch transmission and S-AWC 4WD system, where it makes contact with the tarmac via 18-inch forged BBC alloy wheels.

Performance figures haven’t been released, however.

Keeping that power in check are Alcon 6-pot calipers at the front clamping down on large floating discs, with the suspension lowered by 35mm at the front, and 30mm at the rear.

Standard equipment includes bi-xenon adaptive headlights, Recaro seats, Rockford Fosgate audio system, 7-inch colour touch-screen navigation, climate control, and, er… PIAA motorsport windscreen wipers.

In addition, a data recorder connects to the Evo’s OBD port and allows various aspects of the vehicle’s status – such as performance, diagnostics, location, etc – to be recorded.  The downside is that this data will be available not just to the owner, but also to Mitsubishi UK, and this is considered a condition of the three-year warranty.

Buyers will be visiting a Mitsu dealer fairly often, too, as an initial 1,000 mile oil change is required, with services every 4,500 miles or six months thereafter.

They’ll also need to have £50,000 kicking around, making it one for the Evo fans.

Still, welcome back, Lancer Evo; we’ve missed you.