Standard Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution FQ not powerful enough for you? How about an upgrade to 450bhp?

Oxfordshire-based Owen Developments, who are already responsible for the development and manufacturing of the standard Evo FQ power upgrades, have created a new kit upping power to 450bhp and torque to 400lb/ft.

The kit makes it debut on Tuesday 8th June at the Castle Combe circuit in Wiltshire.

Initially available for Evos 4 to 7, the firm will also be showing their own Evo 8 development car on the day.

Prices for the basic kit are expected to start at £2,160, although the final figure depends on the current health and state of tune of the original engine.

Also on its way is a pair of tuning packages for the new MINI.

The first, Package One, raises the standard Mini One 1.6-litre power output from 90 bhp to 145 bhp and torque from 101 to 118 lb/ft. All for £1,840.

Package Two has been designed for competition use, and increases the power output to 175 bhp and torque to 138 lb/ft. The standard fuel injection system is replaced by four throttle bodies, and a modified cylinder head, competition camshaft and MoTeC stand-alone ECU are also used. The price will be £4,785.