From 1st January, Mini buyers will have the choice of a new 8 year servicing package – tlc XL.

Mini tlc XL covers all scheduled maintenance for the first 8 years or 80,000 miles, at a cost of £450 (inc. VAT), adding a further three years or 30,000 miles to the current Mini tlc service package that lasts five years/50,000 miles. The cost of Mini tlc XL will be £300 (inc. VAT), if bought separately from Mini tlc.

Trevor Houghton-Berry, general manager for Mini UK, said: “With some of our Mini owners now well into their Mini tlc 50,000 mile cover period, it’s great to be able to offer them a top-up package that means they can enjoy the benefits of fixed cost motoring for years to come.”

Mini tlc XL can either be bought together with Mini tlc when the car is first purchased or once Mini tlc has come to an end, as long as it’s before the next service is due. Mini tlc and XL are both transferable to new owners if the car is sold during the eight year period.

Richard Crosthwaite, prestige car editor at Glass’s Guide, said: “This new service package will add to the public’s already strong confidence in Mini, and as it’s one of the slowest depreciating cars on the market, Mini tlc XL looks set to help this performance continue.”

However, in the New Year, the cost of the standard Mini tlc will rise sneakily to £150.