MG Rover has created a track-focused version of their XPower performance car – the MG XPower SV-R.

The XPower SV-R uses lowered, long arm double wishbone suspension all round, a race-derived formula. As is the MG’s 5.0-litre V8, quad camshaft all aluminium 385bhp engine, providing power to new six-spoke 20 inch wheels, that house uprated Brembo disc brakes.

With weight being the enemy of a sports car, the SV-R fights it with a light, yet stiff, carbon fibre body shell. The lightweight body construction contributes to the car’s body rigidity and power to weight ratio, for improved handling and a low centre of gravity.

Carbon technology also plays its part in shaping the car’s airflow management, making possible every line and curve that has its purpose beyond pure aesthetics. The large front splitter, rear diffuser, wing and deep sills combine with a smooth underbody to deliver stability at high speed.

The SV-R pictured is finished in ‘Orange Fire’, one of the many special finishes exclusive to the SV range, with optional carbon-fibre side air vents.

Inside, the car has been specified with black leather and Alcantara trim and automatic climate control. Keeping the driver entertained is a six-speaker CD player and Becker TrafficPro satellite navigation system.

Deep Recaro bucket seats and a four-point harness keep the driver in the perfect racing position, while protecting occupants with an integrated, FIA approved, track-proven steel roll cage. The interior also includes deep wool carpets, Alcantara trimmed fascia and many technological features that make performance driving a real pleasure.

Peter Stevens, who designed the MG XPower SV-R, said: “MG has always been about driving fun, with performance, handling and style being the top priorities. The MG XPower SV-R came about because once you start thinking in this way, it’s inevitable that you want to push things even further. This road-going sports car is not for shy or retiring types. It exudes confidence and will be enjoyed by individuals who share the same characteristics.”

With a top speed of 175mph and 376lb/ft of torque at its disposal, acceleration to 60mph is accomplished in 4.9 seconds.  No price as yet.