Mercedes is asking owners of E-Class and SL-Class vehicles to visit their local Mercedes dealership for a brake system check.

The manufacturer has uncovered a small number of faults with the SBC (Sensotronic Brake Control) system that can leave the braking system functioning in its back-up hydraulic mode.  In this mode, the driver will be warned by visual and acoustic signals and the travel of the braking pedal will be increased.  Braking force available, however, remains well within legal requirements.

Although the fault has been found to affect mostly high mileage vehicles with frequent braking driving patterns (i.e. taxis), Mercedes has updated maintenance plans for all SBC-equipped vehicles and is asking owners of all E-Class Saloons (built as of March 2002), E-Class Estates (built as of March 2003) and SL-Class Roadsters (built as of October 2001) to visit an Mercedes workshop for a free check.