Mazda MX-30 revealed as firm’s first electric vehicle

The Mazda MX-30, unveiled today in production form at the Tokyo motor show, will be the company’s first fully-electric vehicle.

As we’ve come to expect from Mazda, the Japanese firm has taken a slightly different approach for its first EV.

Rather than chasing outright range, Mazda has tried to create a balance between weight, efficiency, and emissions across the entire lifecycle of the car.  This approach has led to a targetted range of 200km (125 miles).

However, a range-extender version of the MX-30 is expected to follow later with a rotary (Wankel) engine acting as an on-board generator.

For now, the MX-30 uses a 35.5kW 355V lithium-ion battery to drive an AC synchronous water-cooled motor.

Recharging at home at 6.6kW via AC or DC COMBO spec are available, the latter likely to reach 80% capacity in 30-40 minutes.

Mazda say they’ve strived to create an EV that’s fun to drive, and have updated their G-Vectoring Control system to take advantage of the characteristics of the electric motor.

In addition, the company has shunned the one-pedal driving concept used by more conventional EVs, saying that deceleration triggered by the brake pedal is more natural and engaging.

Mazda has even gone as far as to create an electronic sound that alters frequency and volume according to vehicle speed and motor torque, and this creates not just a more natural experience during acceleration, but also makes it easier to maintain a stable speed, leading to less fatigue.

Making their return for the first time since the RX-8, the MX-30 will feature ‘freestyle doors’ – a slim rear-hinged or ‘suicide’ door that the company claims allows easier access to both front and rear seats.

In some markets, the new Mazda MX-30 is available to pre-order now, with first European deliveries expected in the second half of 2020.

UK customers can register their interest via the Mazda website, with the MX-30 anticipated to go on sale in early 2021.