MART (Manchester Against Road Tolls) accused politicians this week of subverting the democratic process by denying electors a referendum to decide for or against the proposed congestion tax.

MART and ABD spokesman Sean corker said: “Our opinion surveys show overwhelming opposition to congestion taxes. If the Association of Greater Manchester Authorities (AGMA) continues with the policy, MART will use legislation that allows a referendum to replace borough council leaders with elected mayors. This can take place within six months of the collection of 5 per cent of elector’s signatures within the chosen borough. At this point we will put forward a candidate on an anti congestion charge ticket to contest the subsequent elections.”

MART has been encouraged by the level of support we have received throughout the region whilst petitioning residents, our survey shows that 80% of the population of Manchester are against the scheme. We are convinced that the level of public opposition to the congestion charge is such that voters will seize the opportunity to derail this unwanted and undemocratic process.

This PR coincides with news that MART’s online petition, together with paper petitioning has now passed the 12,000 mark, a figure achieved in just one month and at a much faster rate than the 1.8 million signature petition on the Prime Minister’s website.