The Lexus LF-A concept car will participate in the Nürburgring 24 Hour Race on 24-25 May 2008 as part of ongoing development.

Testing the vehicle on the famous Nürburgring circuit for 24 hours under gruelling race conditions will provide Lexus engineers with a unique opportunity to acquire knowledge that can be used to further the vehicle’s overall development.

The vehicle is not a dedicated race car and will only be equipped with the safety equipment (roll cage, fuel tank, etc.) necessary to meet racing regulations.

A team of experienced Japanese drivers will have the aim of providing feedback to the Lexus development team rather than achieving a race result.

For race support, Lexus will assign a team of young mechanics as part of the company’s commitment to the development of personal and technical skills.

The LF-A concept is powered by a high-revving, 500+ bhp V10 engine. Its front mid-engine placement, along with a rear mounted transmission and rear mounted radiators, allows for excellent weight distribution and agile handling. The horsepower and refined aerodynamics make a top speed of 200 mph not only possible, but probable.

The LF-A concept was originally shown in 2005 to express a bold new direction in styling for the Lexus brand. The goals for the current LF-A are no different than they were with the original concept; to build a supercar with world class performance that is uniquely Lexus.