Final Land Rover Defender special editions launched with 1km sand drawing

To mark the final year of production for the venerable Land Rover Defender, the company is launching three special edition models by creating a 1km wide sand drawing.

The drawing echoes the moment in 1947 when Maurice Wilks sketched out the outline of the original Land Rover to his brother Spencer, then Rover’s Managing Director, at Red Wharf Bay in Anglesey.

Wilks’ vision was for a versatile vehicle that could work both as family transport and as a light tractor, and the resulting ‘Land Rover’ evolved (but only slightly) into the Defender we know today.

The scene was recreated this week by six Land Rovers towing 12-foot agricultural harrows.  The vehicles included a Land Rover Series I, II and III, plus a Defender 90, a 90 Hard Top and a 110 Station Wagon.

The team had to rush against time to create the iconic Land Rover outline in the sand before it was washed away by the tide.  The completed sand drawing measured 4.52km in length and 1km across.

Although the company is investigating ways of continuing production of the Defender at a low-volume overseas facility, UK manufacturing is due to draw to a close at the end of this year.

To celebrate the Defender’s 68 year history, Land Rover has created three new special editions, each focusing on a different aspect of the Defender’s character.

The Autobiography Edition is the most luxurious, with two-tone paintwork and Windsor leather upholstery, plus a power upgrade from 122PS to 150PS.  Only 80 will be made, all in 90 Station Wagon form, priced from £61,845.

The Heritage Edition is more classically styled, with Grasmere Green paint and contrasting white roof, plus a heritage-style grille and badging.  Production will be limited to 400 units, priced from £27,800.

The final model, the Adventure Edition, is equipped as its name would suggest, with under-body protection, Goodyear MT/R tyres, Expedition roof rack, snorkel and rear ladder, plus unique decals and a leather-trimmed interior.  Six hundred will be made, priced from £43,495.

Autobiography Edition

Indicative pricing: from £61,845
On sale: from April 2015
Number available: 80
Bodystyles: 90 Station Wagon

Key features:

Heritage Edition

Indicative pricing: from c. £27,800
On sale: from August 2015
Number available: 400
Bodystyles: 90 Hard Top, 90 Station Wagon, 110 Station Wagon

Key features:

Adventure Edition

Indicative pricing: £43,495
On sale: from August 2015
Number available: 600
Bodystyles: 90 Station Wagon, 110 Station Wagon

Key features: