Land Rover has announced details of the 2005 Land Rover G4 Challenge, with the promise that it is tougher and more spectacular than previous events.

The action starts in Bangkok city, and ends at high altitude on the plains of Bolivia. In between lie thousands of miles of vehicle-based adventure, with a new Range Rover as the ultimate prize.

All Land Rover models will be used during the 2005 Challenge, including the all-new Discovery 3, as well as a fifth vehicle that is yet to be announced. These near-standard vehicles will form the base of operations for the competitors as they bike, climb, kayak and 4×4 drive their way towards victory. Painted in a custom orange body colour, the vehicles will not only carry an array of equipment that will aid the competitors in their global quest for victory, but will also form an integral part of the competition, with daily 4×4 driving challenges.

“The first Land Rover G4 Challenge proved itself as one of the toughest, most spectacular adventure challenges in the world,” says Matthew Taylor, managing director, Land Rover. “Its authenticity and global reach allowed us to prove that Land Rover is synonymous with adventure. And in 2005 we will be doing it again.”

Working in bi-national teams, men and women representing 18 nations will pit stamina and skill in an arena stretching across four countries on two continents, over a four-week period in October 2005.

From 21 June 2004, would-be competitors can apply online or complete an entry form at their local Land Rover dealership.

Each nation will then hold a ‘national selections’ event, in order to identify its top three competitors. These competitors then go through to ‘international selections’, which will be held at Eastnor Castle in the UK. Ultimately only one competitor will be chosen to represent his or her nation in the Challenge.

Former fighter pilot Rudi Thoelen won the 2003 Land Rover G4 Challenge. “I had nothing left at the end,” says Thoelen. “The Challenge pushed me further than I had ever been pushed before. It is a tough test of both body and mind. And I can still hardly believe that I won it!”