Kia Sorento in recall

Kia is recalling 4,650 Sorentos because of possible issues with the alternator pulley and auto transmission.

Owners of 3,500 Sorentos are being contacted regarding the possibility of the alternator pulley seizing and causing the alternator drive belt to be displaced. This can result in increased steering and braking effort being required.

In all cases the pulley will be replaced at no cost to the customer. There have been no recorded instances of the alternator pulley seizing on vehicles in the UK.

In the second case, 1,152 Sorento customers are being contacted for their automatic transmissions to be replaced because a retaining ring inside the transmission may come loose. Although no cases have been reported amongst UK customers, Kia are taking the action because it would be possible for a vehicle to roll forward whilst in reverse gear.

The automatic transmissions are being replaced free of charge.

Sorento owners are being contacted by letter and are invited to contact their local dealer or the Kia Helpline on 0118 945 8545.