Jaguar’s sales increased in May by 31 per cent over the previous year, thanks mostly to the new diesel models.

May’s European sales of 5,305 cars were more than 1,000 units ahead of the same period in 2003, helping global sales for the first five months to 51,680 units and a 13.6 per cent increase over last year.

In Britain, sales for the month totalled 2,692 cars, a 21 per cent improvement over last year.

The revised S-Type enjoyed a 57.6 per cent rise, while the new X-Type Estate saw a 43.8 per cent improvement for the month.

“The rapid growth in sales of Jaguar’s new diesel models underlines the increasing strength and popularity of our range,” commented Mike Wright, Managing Director, Jaguar Cars. “With our advanced technology and excitement in new models like the X-Type Estate and world-class XJ premium luxury model, we have created a real momentum in our product line-up that customers have recognised and are responding to.”