Honda lent an NSX in full livery to Avon and Somerset Police for the Weston Wheels show this month.

Responses from onlookers suggested the police force could significantly reduce the number of high-speed chases they are involved with if they were to add the supercar permanently to their fleet.

“If that was behind me I wouldn’t bother but just pull over,” said one person. “That’s just not fair,” commented another.

The show is organised by modified car enthusiasts and uniquely supported by both the police and local authority.

The NSX was one of the more unusual police patrol cars on display, designed to draw the crowd’s attention and help the police to drive their “safer driving” and “theft prevention” messages home.

Superintendent Lawrie Lewis commented: “Many thanks to Honda for the loan of the NSX. It was a real showstopper and a great asset to us in delivering our casualty and crime reduction messages. I don’t think we could afford one on our regular fleet but if Honda could see their way to lending us one then I’m confident we would give it a loving home.”