The Honda e, the company’s first fully electric vehicle, has been unveiled in its final production form.

Although styled closely to the Urban EV concept unveiled at Frankfurt in 2017, the Honda e does appear to have lost a few of its most charming details.

The flared wheel-arches, large-wheeled stance, dynamic rear quarters, and the recessed and hooded headlights have all been lost, in favour of a more ‘cutesy’ design.

It’s gained a couple of doors, too – now a five-door rather than the three of the concept – although one feature that does appear to have made it into production are the door-mounted rear-view cameras in place of conventional mirrors.

They project their images onto a pair of six-inch screens in the cabin, where they join a multitude of other displays that span the interior’s width.

The displays are touch-sensitive, although the company perhaps expects owners to interact with their ‘e’ through a new Honda Personal Assistant – a Siri of sorts – that can be commanded by saying ‘OK Honda.’

An updated My Honda+ smartphone app allows remote climate control, security and location functions, as well as battery charge interaction.

Speaking of which, the 35.5 kWh battery is said to be capable of providing enough charge for a 220 km (136 mile) range, while fast-charging allows it to reach 80% capacity in 30 minutes.

The Honda e is available with electric motors of two power outputs – 100 kW (136 ps) or 113 kW (154 ps), with torque of 315 Nm.  This, the company claims, is enough for a 0-62 mph sprint of approximately 8 seconds.

Update 10th Sept: Pricing for the new Honda e has now been announced.

The new Honda e will start from £26,160 after the Government’s £3,500 Plug-in Car Grant discount for the 100 kW version, or £28,660 for the Advance 113 kW grade.

The company expects to be able to offer the ‘e’ on finance from £299 a month for the base model, or £349 for the Advance.

As well as the more powerful electric motor, Advance models gain the Centre Mirror System in addition to the Side Camera Mirror System, plus Honda parking pilot and a premium hifi system.

Customers who have already reserved their place in the queue will be contacted shortly with an invitation to place an order, and these customers will be given priority in the production run.

Advance models will arrive first in early summer 2020 with the base model following later.