Honda Accord diesel sets new World Records

Honda’s new Accord 2.2i-CDTi Sport set 19 world speed records this week, including a 92mpg economy run.

A pair of standard Honda Accords, fitted only with a roll-cage, racing harnesses and car-to-pit radios as their only modifications, took part in the record-breaking attempts at Papenburg high-speed oval test track in north-west Germany.

Driven by British racing driver Robin Liddell, the Accord achieved 133.04mph with a 1 mile flying start, 84.25 mph with a 1 mile standing start, and an average speed of 130.38 mph over a 24-hour endurance period.

The same two cars were then driven 419 miles from Papenburg test track to Wiesbaden, near Frankfurt in order to complete the fuel economy run. The route comprised of a mixture of motorway and non-motorway driving, during which one of the Accords achieved a staggering 92 mpg average.

Honda UK’s driver in the speed record attempt, Robin Liddell, who has previously raced at Le Mans 24-hours, as well as the American Le Mans Series and the BRDC British GT championship, commented: “The car’s performance is very impressive, demonstrated by the records we’ve achieved. Honda has made real steps forward in styling, ergonomics and interior design with the new Accord Diesel and now has a package that can take on the best cars in its class.”