An environmentally-friendly display of Honda’s cleaner vehicle technology will form an integral part of this year’s Sexy Green Car Show at Cornwall’s Eden Project at the end of May.

The stand, made from bamboo and other natural materials, provides the ideal surroundings for another public showing of Honda’s clean-living Civic Hybrid, which emits just 109g/km of CO2.

The stand itself will tell the story of Honda’s history of developing cleaner technology for all its products; from 4-stroke marine engines and more efficient generators, to hydrogen fuel cell cars that produce zero emissions.

Visitors to the Honda section of the show will receive an audio guide via headphones, which will provide detailed information on the different areas of the stand.

Any children dropping by the stand can enter a special car colouring competition – with the winner’s design printed onto an actual Civic Hybrid for their family to use for a month!

The Sexy Green Car Show features current cleaner cars, concept cars and more environmentally-friendly racing cars. It runs from 22-31 May, at the Eden Project in Cornwall.