As Europe’s footballing nations prepare to battle it out a new survey has found that British men and women are bottom of the league when it comes to flirting!

The survey of 10 European countries ranked UK lads and lasses bottom of the league, well behind the French, Germans and even the Bulgarians, when it comes to knowing how to flirt.

The survey, commissioned by car manufacturer GM Daewoo to mark the launch of their limited edition Matiz Flirt, asked men and women to rate members of the opposite sex on a scale of 1 (Hopeless) to 10 (Super) for six essential flirting skills – sensitivity, humour, romance, tenderness, thoughtfulness and responsiveness.

The results proved an almost “null point” score for the home side, with British men and women achieving a Flirting Factor of just 40% – compared to more than 80% achieved by the Italians and French who scored first and second place on the list.

Even more shamefully British lads missed the goal by miles achieving a Flirting Factor of only 28% from UK females. Italian men, on the other hand, achieved a Flirting Factor of 80% from their womenfolk.

Although still bottom of the league table British females did much better than the men achieving a score of 52% – although this compared to a rating factor of more than nine out of 10 for women from Italy, France and Spain.

“Perhaps the famous British reserve combined with a lack of practice is to blame for this result,” comments Dr David Lewis, author of Loving and Loathing: The Enigma of Personal Attraction who conducted the survey on behalf of GM Daewoo.

“British men are far more likely to lust on the sidelines than attempt some light hearted flirting. Let’s hope in Portugal our lads fair much better, especially against the French on Sunday.”